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    StrtupBoost is a 25,000 strong community of the best and brightest who come together for startup presentations, investor nights, business development networking and learning. Join the StrtupBoost Meetup for updates.


    We connect entrepreneurs to the solutions they need: financial, development, legal, real estate, graphic design, etc. Need an introduction, represent a company that would like to join our growing network of solutions providers or looking to target the Silicon Alley startup community? Please contact us or fill out the following Google Form.


    Have some knowledge to help your fellow StrtupBoosters? Whether you would like to share/write an article for our weekly Newsletter or speak as a keynote or on a panel, let’s talk.

    Just email Jason@StrtupBoost.com.



    Mercy College - Tuesday, September 19th from 6 to 8:45 PM

    Pitch, Make Connections with, and Get Valuable Feedback from 10-20 Judges who are looking for early stage investments (Seed to Series B).


    You have 10 Min to make it happen:1 min Set Up/BreakDown; 6 min Presentation; 3 min Q&A and Feedback with VCs.


    A startup "Presenter" ticket gets you admission for up to two team members and information of how to focus your presentation to maximize likelihood of receiving financing.


    Looking to learn how to Pitch to Investors, want to know about the newest Startups before everyone else, or looking to Network with Startups and Investors? Sign up for a "To Watch" Ticket.



    The Yard - Thursday, September 14th from 6:15 to 8:15 PM

    Discussion for Seed to Series B Startups on whether you are ready with your MVP; if you have the right product and features; how to bring the product to market. We will answer questions such as: How do you create and execute on a successful product launch? How and when to get feedback? When do you know that you need to hone the product vs change the product vs pivot. And most importantly YOUR questions.



    WorkVille - Thursday, September 28th from 6:30 to 8:30 PM

    The myths, stereotypes, advantages and disadvantages - real and imaginary - for women in the tech space. How best to work with women; how best to nurture and encourage the next generation of females in NYC Tech. Tips for women and men for embracing and gaining from increased gender diversity in the tech workplace. How to overcome particular gender bias to raise funds, get a job, make a sale etc. Bring YOUR horror/success stories and questions.



    Deweys Pub - Tuesday, October 24th from 6 to 8 PM

    The Mixer is geared towards Sports Startups, Sports Industry Professionals, Sports VCs, Sports Enthusiasts, or just about anyone else who is a part of the Sports Ecosystem.


    While paid admission is $20-$30 you can attend for FREE if you simply Create a Free Account at SportsWonks.com, which is a brand new Sports Social Network that is focused on American Sports including NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, UFC, and eSports.


    RSVP's / Website Registrations will be checked at the door.



    Dewey's Pub - Wednesday, November 15th from 6 to 8 PM

    The StrtupBoost Expo VIP Mixer will be a private mixer the day before the StrtupBoost Startup Expo that will be made up of exhibitors, sponsors, press, and investors. We are making 50 tickets available to the general public.



    The Mezzanine - Thursday, November 16th from 2 to 6 PM

    StrtupBoost Expo2017: An opportunity for over 60 exciting exhibitors to get in front of thousands of awesome attendees including startup enthusiasts, elite talent, the press and leading investors. SBX17 is being hosted at The Mezzanine by Bond Collective which is located in the heart of Downtown Manhattan.



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    Check out highlights from our Annual Startup Expo (60+ Exhibitors and 2K+ Attendees) and our Annual Investor Conference (60+ Startups and 60+ Investors)


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    "I've had the pleasure to participate as a judge on many StrtupBoost Investor Night events. Most of the presenting companies have compelling business ideas and passionate entrepreneurs."

    Swatick Majumdar, Venture Partner, Digital Entertainment Ventures

    “We've been working with StrtupBoost since our inception because of their integrity, attention to detail, and of course, curated network of exceptional talent. The exposure gained from our partnership with StrtupBoost was instrumental in building our community of influential startups."

    DJ Dashti, Co-Founder, WorkVille

    “I recently attended a StrtupBoost event and received way more insight than I expected. The panelists were more than generous with their information and were very warm and approachable.”

    Tania Velasquez, Attendee

    "Partnering with StrtupBoost was one of the smartest decisions we made early on as we were getting our business off the ground."

    Patrick Rolandelli, COO, Ezetech

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  • "Partnering with StrtupBoost is an amazing opportunity as their members share the drive and passion for entrepreneurship. With great partners in the co­working industry, the collaborative opportunities are endless. We are excited to lead the next generation of startup savvy professionals into exciting work spaces that at one time may not have been affordable to them."

    Jason Malki, CEO of StrtupBoost says, "There's a lot of press about how Millennials are 'killing' different industries. That's just not true. Every day in NYC we see outstanding talent in technology, venture capital, social media, marketing, accounting and law. It's incredible what the nominees have accomplished and the positions they hold...and they're all 33 or younger."

    "One person who agrees with Vaynerchuk's take on Hudson Yards is Jason Malki, the founder and CEO of StrtupBoost, a startup event series that hosts mixers, panels, and the Startup Expo at La.venue on 28th Street."

    "On Tuesday, 60 startups gathered just west of 11th avenue, at La.Venue on 28th street, for the StrtupBoostBoost startup expo. They were followed by more than 4,000 attendees from the tech community which included entrepreneurs, angel investors, VCs, journalists, accelerator operators and enthusiastic jobseekers."

    "Such was the case during the StrtupBoost Investor conference where a 'speed dating' approach was taken for entrepreneurs to meet investors, who rotated from table to table, discovered new opportunities, gave feedback and much more."

    "Swaminathan was one of four panelists at the regularly occurring 'StrtupBoost' meetup in Manhattan that’s aimed at entrepreneurs. Held at the Yard, a cooperative workspace, the panelists offered a vision of the future that’s filled with new jobs which require more education and skill."


    If you are an entrepreneur doing business in New York City, then chances are you’ve heard of StrtupBoost. Founded in 2014 by Jason Malki, the organization has hosted scores of events designed to bring together all the different players in the NYC startup community. Jason describes StrtupBoost as “an ecosystem” comprised of mixers, panel discussions, expos and other types of events that give startup teams the chance to meet and connect with investors and other resources vital to their development.

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