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Hello again everyone. I’m back to give you the inside scoop one of our Alley Boost events, Winning Culture- How to Attract, Motivate, and Retain Top Talent, just in case you missed it. We recruited Brandon Evans to talk at this event. Brandon has founded 4 different companies, including Crowdtap and MRY. Both are in the top 5 places to work in NYC because of this man. So it is safe to assume he knows what he’s talking about.

This event was all about culture. In case you don’t know what that is, culture is a way of thinking, behaving, or working that exists in a place or organization. Now this does NOT include things like beer Fridays, crazy parties, office dogs, or unlimited vacations. Those are just perks. The culture of your company comes from the people who work in it and the examples you set. Here are a list of rules that Brandon gave us as a little guide to keep good culture

  1. Every hire either improves or deteriorates your culture. So remember to create a good repeatable hiring process that brings in quality employees.
  2. Mistakes need to be addressed rapidly to send the right message.
  3. Work with people you like. Personality is just as important as skills and experience.
  4. A challenging entrepreneurial environment is the #2 easiest thing to do for retention. (Working with people you like is #1)
  5. Transparency. This helps people buy in to your organizations goals
  6. (Bonus) Make sure you have fun and give back to your most important resource. Your people.

With these 5 seemingly easy rules you should have no problem enjoying work and attracting others at your startup.

Howard Sherman

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