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StrtupBoost Success Story: Investor Night Startup Acquired by FlyMa

Jeff Pan is a New Yorker whose startup was acquired last week: He is a former alumni of StrtupBoost. Read about his experience below:

My start-up ended getting a modest exit, and it was a phenomenally wild ride. One highlight was being invited as the opening keynote speaker for WTM London and speaking for 45 minutes in front of hundreds of people (, and another was pitching in front of the CEO's of Aer Lingus & British Airways (

I wasn't a very good public speaker to start, but much of my improvement can be attributed to the opportunities at Startup Boost. I presented at Jason's events 4 times, and dramatically improved each time.

Two pieces of advice for start-up founders:

First, sign up for all the practice events you can find, as even the really badly organized ones will help you improve your public speaking & refine your pitch.

Second, videotape all of your pitches. It will help you review what worked & what didn't work. One of the most helpful skills I developed with Startup Boost was being able to take heavy technical concepts & articulate them to non-engineers. I wasn't able to do this in my early pitches, and would usually walk away with a confused audience.

I sincerely wouldn't have been able to get to where we are now without StrtupBoost. Practice, practice, practice!... one day, you'll get your big break as a start-up, and you're going to crush it ;)

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