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Many of us spend time sharing content on Social Media but don’t have specific goals or a strong content strategy.

Our panel which featured Courtney Spritzer, Co-Founder and COO, Socialfly, Jeongwoon Eun, Founder, Tigerwon, Pavel Konoplenko, Co-Founder and CEO, Spoiled Media, and Gary RIger, Founder, BKLYN gave insights on the benefits of the most popular social media platforms, the power of live video, how to use Facebook effectively, finding influencers, and more. A few of the highlights are below:

  • Facebook is a Walled Garden which means that you need to set aside a budget to be effective, especially if you’re just getting started
  • Twitter is most effective for companies that cover a lot of breaking news like politics and sports
  • Thuzio is a great resource when looking for big time influencers for your brands
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