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SBIC: Meet the Startups, 1-10

Meet the diverse range of Startups from our 1st Annual Investor Conference at The Mezzanine.

Aimfire is an angel-backed startup and we developed technology that allows nearby mobile devices to collaborate/socialize, and do amazing things they cannot do individually.

Based on this patent-pending technology we are commercializing two products:

1) Camarada VR Camera. Camarada turns ordinary smartphone cameras into dynamic camera arrays. It is world’s first and only software solution that’s capable of true stereoscopic 3D videos capture. No cable. No rig. No post-production. For FREE. VR video by and for everyone. App landing page:

2) Aimfire Gaming SDK. The Aimfire SDK enables seamless multi-screen mobile games. Its zero latency feature gives consumers a magical experience, and empowers game developers with unique, creative tools to stand out in the crowded mobile game market. Demo video: Demo app:


AllWork is an enterprise SaaS freelancer management platform. We help companies find, manage and pay their freelancer and flexible workforces. Our end-to-end solution enables companies to move to a truly on-demand staffing model. AllWork has Fortune 500 clients, fully operational software, and rapidly growing monthly recurring revenue.

Anyone's Learning Experience (ALEX) is an online marketplace of in-person courses for career advancement. We take the empty seats of in-person courses from educational providers and list them for learners to purchase. Learners browse, select, and enroll in a few clicks. We are the ‘Amazon for higher education’.

Bestest brings “polling to the people” through a dedicated mobile app that gives individuals, clubs, schools, brands and elected officials the power to collect usable insights, answers and feedback through picture and text polls ANYONE can create. The social feed for FEEDback, Bestest turns voting and polling into an everyday activity.

If Instagram and SurveyMonkey had a baby, it would be Bestest.


We are manufacturing products that will improve the backbone movements that include ‘library table’ & ‘multi-player batting hitting aide’. We are a health-wellness/consumer-hardware product's startup where we sell our products to retail corporations, businesses(libraries & sports teams) and interested parties. We can outreach over 100K retail stores & 90K libraries in the US.We have sold 18 'library table' units at public auctions at this point. We believe in having secured assets & China manufacturing outsourcing solutions to maximize our profits.

Face2Face Health is a simple and easy to use one stop shop digital health and education platform to help caregivers (parents, babysitters, educators) optimize the health and wellness of children with challenges in 3 easy steps: LEARN (126+ peer reviewed and evidenced based) learning courses and webinars, CARE (virtual and concierge visits) and SHARE (communities and forums). Our MVP is ready at the end of April 2017.

GameHedge is a first-of-a-kind, patent-pending, sports ticket marketplace that turns ticket buying on its head — in favor of the fan. Every ticket purchased through GameHedge comes standard with an exclusive Good Game Guarantee: a 50 percent refund of the ticket price if the home team loses by a certain margin. This threshold is 17 points for NFL games, 20 points for NBA games, 5 runs for MLB games and 4 goals for NHL games.

Gebni is the stock market app for restaurant takeout (pick-up and delivery). Its software uses machine learning to update meal prices (at the ingredient level) in real time to demand-adjusted levels to optimize restaurants’ pricing practices, boost their online orders and further the online penetration rate of takeout ordering (currently at 2% only of the market opportunity). Gebni users will enjoy the advantage of saving money by always paying the best possible prices for their meals as opposed to fixed/ full prices. The company raised $100k in Angel funding and counts 170+ restaurants on its platform covering half Manhattan as well as a few hundred active users after only 2 months of launching.

GiveGab is a powerful and easy-to-use platform for online fundraising and supporter engagement, designed specifically for small & mid-sized nonprofits. With a unique low-cost customer acquisition strategy and product-market fit, the company has quickly gained 2,600 paying customers, with a path to 10,000 by the end of 2017.

We're Gooroo, the app that connects students to expert tutors in NYC - with just a few taps.

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