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Rapid Square Digital Business Cards

Picture this, you’re in your NYC office focusing on another day of hard work (You were scrolling through Facebook). You get an email from StrtupBoost saying there is an event tonight and you should absolutely come! It may be short notice, but you never know who you may meet at these events and you figure it would be a good networking opportunity.

You decide to attend and you hastily make your way from your office to the event. You arrive
and take notice of some familiar faces and some newer ones. You suddenly see that business tycoon legend walk through the door (I’ll let your imagination dictate who that is)! Everyone is excited about it and trying to talk to them. You want to give a good impression, something that will make you stand out! You have a golden opportunity to talk to them and quickly strike up a conversation about your revolutionary idea for sunscreen spraying sunglasses. The two of you somehow hit it off! You want to give them a business card, unfortunately your cards are sitting back on your desk at your office. They are unimpressed and you’ve ruined everything.

Okay fine, let’s say you’re a little more organized than that. Let’s say you gave them your business card, they even exchanged theirs. They told you to send them an email and you can find some time to get coffee next week. This is great, this is even better than that time Cher responded to your tweet.

A week goes by and you go into your bag, wallet, pants pocket (ew, it’s been a week, really?) to find that card and send the most important email ever! Is it still there? What if it’s not? Did you get so excited about getting that card that you framed it on the wall at home? Now what?

You have a smartphone for a reason! We created Rapid Square for that exact purpose, share and exchange digital business cards with people and always have their information with you everywhere you go! We care enough to want to make sure you’re prepared for opportunities like these, so why not just give us a try? It’s free anyway. Click HERE to download!

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