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This month Alley Boost held a panel on marketing any startup. It was a fantastic event and probably one of Alley Boost’s most informational ones yet. This panel had no shortage of knowledge and experience with Rohit Vashisht who is the founder and CEO of Sverve, Kristen DiLandro who is a brand strategist at Aviary, Max Savin the founder of Flutter App, Matt Sieracki the SEO Agency Manager at Ajax Union, and with Jason Malki the founder and CEO of Sports Wonks at the helm as moderator. This was not the panel to miss as there was tons of valuable information and suggestions given to drive a startup to it’s next level.

One of the easiest and cheapest things to leverage is social media. The first question of the evening addressed how to go about building a social media environment and creating engagement within your social media community. One of the biggest and best things that is needed is to reach out to influencers! It is important that these influencers are people whose word matters in the market that you are trying to reach. Because of this it is also important that you really sit down and define that market first. The influencer market is competitive though so do not be surprised if you have to give something in return to the influencer you target.

Your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is another simple thing that you can change that can pay big dividends in the long run. One of the most important things to do is focus on your audience and pick a phrase of 2 or more words that would attract this audience. It is much easier to rank on a phrase then it is with one keyword. If you have some money in your budget adwords is a good tool because it can bridge the gap between when you first make your SEO and when it finally starts to kick in.

An easy thing to do is to make your company available and out there. You can do this by having a homepage on every type of social media site! This way when people search you they do not just get your site, but your facebook, twitter, pintrest etc. site as well.

A few other important tips

  • Creating illusion of exclusivity. Example say add 3 friends to sign up faster even if it does not necessarily add much to the sign in.
  • MezBar, Rank Checker, Google analytics are your friends
  • Email possible influencers for interview. Then ask for them to advertise the interview and tweet/facebook it.

Howard Sherman

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