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On 5/7 Alley Boost had another panel. This one was about launching and marketing a startup website. This event had no shortage of talent and was well hosted by its moderator and organizer Jason Malki who is the founder of both Alley Boost and Sports Wonks. The panelists consisted of Nik Bonaddio who is the founder and CEO of Number Fire, Max Savin who is the founder of Savin Studios, Stefanos Missailidis who is the Co-founder and CEO of Fiestah, And Eric Neuman who is the founder of Indiepen. This panel was just as good as the last at answering all of the important questions when it comes to having your own website.

There were 4 important questions that are essential to any founder trying to start their own website successfully. Those questions were how do you find a programmer?, What is the difference between a web designer and a web developer?, How do you make money?, and what does a technical founder and a non-technical founder do?

The Key points that I picked up from this panel are-

  • You can not just go up to a programmer and say here is my idea
  • Networking is the best way to find a programmer
  • If you do not have money to offer, find someone who has the same interests and similar goals to join you. Best place to find someone is through meet ups
  • Learn some code. Programmers will appreciate you more
  • If you have a little bit of money look for college kids
  • A web designer creates the look and feel of the website and is slightly less important at the beginning of a startup then a web developer
  • A developer can not be too idealistic and has to be okay with a bit of ickey coding
  • A developer has to have a strong relationship with the idea
  • User Acquisition is difficult
  • Plenty of marketing at your disposal for free such as Twitter
  • Have to hustle but be humble at the same time
  • Making money solely with ads is difficult. Try to have more than one way of making money
  • Target something already being paid for and make it better and easier online
  • Non-Tech cofounder does EVERYTHING
  • Most common is 1 non-tech Co-Founder and one or to tech Co-Founders
  • Tech Co-founders must be able to recruit new developers
  • Tech needs to know how to say no to non-tech to protect engineers from things that should not be done

Howard Sherman

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