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Many Founders are either non-technical or have technical skills, but need guidance around choosing the right platforms, managing deliverables, hiring the right people, etc. On Monday, May 16th we covered all of the topics above and more.

The highly insightful Panel featured Jason Malki, Founder of AlleyBoost, Stan Synko, Founder & CEO of EzeTech, Yannis Moati, Founder & CEO of HotelsByDay, Firat Parklak, Founder & Creative Director of Awesome, and Volodymyr Gayovyy Chief Business Develpment Officer at Rexsoft.

The insights included:

  • WordPress is a great Platform for your MVP and it powers approximately 25 percent of all sites across the Web.
  • When Outsourcing a site it is important to be as clear as possible with your design mock ups and the user experience flow as being fully transparent will save you time and money.
  • When Outsourcing you must communicate with your Account Manager on a daily basis about progress and deliverables.
  • When looking to grow your design team remember that designers almost always know other good designers so you should have them tap their networks.
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