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Client Success Story by Ivy Slater

I met clients Danielle and Cece of Revamp Interior Design when they were just a few years into the business. They were on top of the world, so it seemed from the outside. They had just completed a million dollar renovation on a major townhouse in New York City and their project graced the cover of Interior Design Magazine.

But financially, they were going out of business. They were both ready to begin families and closing down was a real possibility at the time. They attended one of my Business Success Retreats and we started focusing on their financial strategy, developing long-term solid relationships to keep a sales funnel going and building a solid infrastructure for growth. Things began to change. They put in the effort and time to change their mindset around money. The proper shifts happened and it was magical.

This was five years ago and I still think about all the dedicated work they did and how it’s truly paid off.

They became moms, crossed 7 figures in sales, doubled their team and estimate business consistently at a premium level. They have the business and the lifestyle they desire and that is what every woman deserves.

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