Consider, for a moment, the three properties of water: solid, liquid, gaseous. The amazing thing about water is its potential to shift form and regain form in direct and harmonious reaction to its environment. Each expression of water has value in any given circumstance, but one above all is vital to survival: liquid. It's what we drink. It supports vast ecosystems. It brought us to the new world. Humans are up to 65% water. Water carries sound. It conducts energy. It supports vibration...tsunamis are an epic representation of this characteristic. Ice and vapor do not have the same capacity.

Now imagine yourself as 65% water. If you were solid, like ice, how would that impact your ability to flow with your environment? How available to vibration would you be? Ice is rigid. Tense in structure. Fragile and defensive. Cold. If you were gaseous like vapor, what impact would you have on your environment? What footprint would you make? Fleeting. Insubstantial. Lacking definition. Nice to see and easily forgotten. Now imagine yourself as liquid. Buoyant. Resonant. Channeler of vibration. Organic, responsive, impulsive, but definitive.

Do you approach your experience or perceive yourself with any of the characteristics we just explored? Do you represent ice, vapor, or water? If you feel less effective than you could, perhaps it's time to find your flow.

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