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On August 16th, AlleyBoost held its 10th investor night at General Assembly. Startups like ForwardLane, Accern, BuddiHealth, and SmartAlec really blossomed. ForwardLane and Accern were the first and second place winners in Room 1 and BuddiHealth and SmartAlec were the first and second place winners in Room 2.

ForwardLane wowed us with their pitch, showing us the power of artificial intelligence as a highly personalized investment advice database for people around the world. It assists in synthesizing and analyzing massive amounts of data and incorporating it into portfolios that will deliver valuable information. This operating system is the next step for Wealth Management.

Following ForwardLane's presentation, Accern also displayed a very intriguing presentation according to the Investors. This AI Startup is based on real-time curated stories on your stocks that young Stock Traders can leverage when using platforms like Robinhood.

Smart Alec pitched their Ed Tech Startups that allows families around the world to find the right tutor for them. All it takes is a simple three step process, you find a tutor, you seamlessly book them, and then you learn! The platform is very useful for high school students, especially the ones that are inching closer to their college careers. Tutoring for standardized tests is one specific reason why this company is an ultimate necessity, and it’s incredibly affordable.

AI based HealthTech Startup, BuddiHealth was the Grand Prize Winner for the evening which is aiming to take existing medical platforms into the next generation. Their products enable clients to increase productivity, improve revenue, increase efficiency and make effective decisions.

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