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7 Reasons Legalstart is the Key to Your Startup Goals in 2018

You have the money, a marketable concept, and a solid business plan. In 2018, you want to take things to the next level and make your first real moves towards being an entrepreneur. Congratulations on your first big steps, now here is where it all gets real.


Although having a lawyer or any type of legal advice may be the furthest thing on your mind at this stage, it would be a big mistake to wait for a disaster to occur before finding an attorney. Most businesses benefit from having a lawyer on their team even before the beginning stages!

Below is a list of 7 reasons why Legalstart is the key to your Startup goals in 2018:

1. Get Started

Getting started is hard. From making decisions to getting the paperwork to back them up, Legalstart has your back. Form your Corporation or LLC and get all the documents you need to run it properly for one flat fee.

2. Connect With Startup Pros

Let’s face it, you cannot do this alone. No matter how driven you are and how much you know, there are just too many variables in a business for you to successfully handle them all. Legalstart gives you access to our elite network of startup professionals. Browse their profiles, connect with them and receive a discount on their services!

3. Free Appointments

Running a startup is expensive, and in the beginning stages entrepreneurs can tend to have tight funds. With Legalstart, you can schedule one FREE 15 minute call each month to discuss all of your startup’s concerns and needs with one of our Startup Attorneys.

4. We’re Your Resource

Get unlimited access to our weekly blog which will offer tips and advice on how to build, grow and legally protect your startup.

5. Documents

Always know what documents you need and have access to them at all times! All documents are tailored to each startup’s unique needs and guaranteed to be ready in 1 to 3 business days. Manage all of your purchased and reviewed documents in one location, so they are readily accessible whenever you need them. You can also upload documents for review by an attorney and receive feedback!

6. Lawyer In Your Pocket

With Legalstart in your pocket, you can conveniently contact one of our Startup Attorneys via chat to answer any questions you might have. Need more than a quick chat? Email one of our Startup Attorneys with your inquiries and they will get back to you ASAP with the answers you need.

7. Retainer

Incorporate your business or form an LLC with one of our low-cost flat fee packages and receive all the necessary legal documents you need to get started!

From a legal standpoint, there is so much that you will need in order to ensure everything is done properly and that you are protected. From starting your business, to getting all the necessary paperwork and everything in between, Legalstart is the one- stop-shop for all of your businesses legal needs. With your determination and us in your pocket, there is no goal you cannot achieve in 2018!

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