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2nd Annual StrtupBoost Investor Conference - Find Out Who Won!

Our 2nd Annual Investor Conference was a huge success with 50+ startup pitches and 60+ investors including Angels, Accelerators and Corporate VCs like Verizon Ventures, JetBlue Technology Ventures, Nielsen Ventures, and more.

The startups ranged from idea stage up to companies with 20+ employees and millions of dollars in revenue. We were beyond impressed with the quality of the pitches as well as with the feedback and insight provided by the investors. We hope that the event helped the startups to build their confidence along with their network which will get them one step closer to their next round of funding.

We learned a lot from the event and we will continue to improve the Investor Conference with the goal of helping more early stage startups raise money.

And last, but not least, below are the winners!:

If you’re an investor and would like to access the database of startups who pitched at the event please email

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