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10 Ideas for Strategically Approaching the Job Market in 2018

The process of job hunting has changed for senior executives. New dynamics of how to approach people and the tools to reach these people are now in place. Since the rules have changed, you want to be as current and relevant as possible to assure you of maximum job offer success. Here are 10 current thoughts and ideas for you, as you work through the 2018 hiring market:

1. Online applications should be secondary to your own networking. Candidates tell us when they send their resume through an online application, more often than not they do not get a response back.

2. Do your own research and identify companies you find intriguing. Locate a senior C-level person or the VC firm funding the company and write to them directly and ask for a meeting to discuss their business. Start at the top, you can always be bumped down. Once you start at the bottom you can’t go up.

3. Don’t count on recruiters to get you your next job (or any job). If they are retained recruiters for senior level positions, they are paid by the client to identify and recruit for a highly granular position. More often than, they do not be a job for you at that very moment you are looking.

4. Have a meaningful and substantive LinkedIn profile. Make sure it current, grammatically perfect and dynamic. Read a book or go online to unearth secrets to a great LI profile.

5. Make your LinkedIn profile and resume flexible. You can adapt to the circumstance or the position depending on the role.

6. Network with previous employers, mentors, colleagues and work mates. For two reason. First, let these folks know what is important to you for your next role. Then ask for introductions from these folks, as these are the ones who know you and your work the best. Second, understand from the people you meet, what they did in their past to get a new role. Find out their job-hunting secrets.

7. Put a procedure in place; meet with two people a week for five weeks and if those ten people (who know you very well) give you two new names and phones, then you have another set of 20 new meetings.

8. Leverage your college/university alumni network-the people who attended your college are frequently happy to help their fellow school mates. Wouldn’t you do the same if an alumni reached out to you?

9. Put a good electronic CRM system in place to manage your job seeking.

10. Recognize that employers look at who you have a common link with in your LI network. Frequently those become the most cogent references of all. Make sure you keep close relationships and don’t burn any bridges.

There are many new and exciting opportunities in the digital, technology and media eco-system. To broaden your ability to identify a company that will make a difference in your career, keep in mind that job hunting tactics and strategies are consistently changing, so implementing all or any of these ideas can help in your career development. Would love to hear if others have additional tips or ideas.

Don Leon is the founder and managing partner of Donald Leon Search. He has been an executive search consultant for 18 years and has worked for an international and global search organization as well as a boutique search firm before he started his own search practice in 2016.

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