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1/30/20 StrtupBoost + WEST Wine & Pitch Night

We had the pleasure of hosting our most recent Wine & Pitch event in partnership with WEST, a tech-enabled accounting + strategic growth platform which helps startups get to the next level.

You can see the startups who presented at the event below:

KettleSpace - Productive and convenient spaces for modern professionals.

Scout - Real estate experts selected for you.

CoverUS - Helps 150+ million Americans with chronic diseases earn and save money by harnessing the power of their personal data.

Resident - A hospitality company empowering the next generation of talented chefs.

Bokksu - Authentic Japanese snack subscription.

Fluent Forever - Learn any language & never forget it.

Boxcar - For commuters in need of convenient and reliable parking who are dissatisfied with packed lots, long walks, daily drop-offs.

EAT OFF BEAT - Take your catering off-the-eaten-path with authentic dishes prepared by refugees who now call New York City home.

OS Studios - eSports studio and venue network.

Thank you to our gracious host, McCarter & English.

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